Welcome to Red & White

Red & White was founded in 2000 and we are now one of the major importers of wines and spirits in Norway. In 2011 we sold more than 3 million litres. We import from app. 130 producers in 13 countries.

The Red & White Group has 12 employees, five of which are employed solely on customer services. This means a very high standard of service for our customers. We have received very good testimonies, both from various customers and from multiple buying organisations.

In our organization, those employed, not only have a high knowledge in these products, but are also wine enthusiasts, which give our customers both pleasure & knowledge. Our portfolio of products ranges from popular, good value varieties to the most exclusive and “top of the range” fine wines and spirits.

Feel free to call us at +47 32 24 22 90, fax us at +47 32 24 22 91 or e-mail us at office@redwhite.no